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Why MaaS Solutions


It’s been a couple of weeks since MaaS Solutions was launched and it has certainly generated a lot of interest. One aspect that seems to cause confusion is the relationship with MaaS Global - after all we’ve been granted the use of MaaS Global logo in the context of our work.

But MaaS Solutions is a wholly independent company, MG does not hold any stake in it. We hold no MG intellectual property. Obviously with us, we have MG alumni who built the Whim app, the team and designed how e.g. integrations work. As experienced engineers and product leaders, we can use our learnings from the past and build even better products for our future customers.

Then why all the talk about Whim?

The MaaS movement is still in its early days, and the market is yet to reach maturity. At MaaS Solutions we believe that the sensible approach for MaaS is to distribute the know-how to regionally strong providers who know their own customers and together we can tailor a solution for them. It just makes sense to use some common base principles when building the services - for example, we proved with Whim that the user-centric design with optimized service enrollment increases adoption. We know how this works and coincidentally, the MaaS Global folks are fine with us spreading that word. So they trust us with their logos.

But our approach to customer projects is orthogonal. We’re not trying to create global products. We’re not even trying to re-sell the same solution over and over again as white label. We believe transit authorities and businesses should serve their end users equipped with the unique local understanding - and have a continuously improving operation to support.

Team Setup

MaaS Solutions can set that operation up and enable independent development that brings jobs to the region. We can also create a quick MVP - it’s entirely up to the client. But we do that equipped with the demonstrated knowledge of how these solutions work the best.