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Specialists in Mobility as a Service

MaaS Solutions are experienced with complex digital systems such as Mobility as a Service. One of the best examples of our past work is the Whim app - the multiple award-winning MaaS service.

MaaS Solutions and MaaS Global are not affiliated, but share a piece of their history. MaaS Solutions network members built the original Whim service from scratch, starting from 2016, and have taken part in over 100 partner integrations. So we can very quickly tell how feasible integrating a service is in general, and we can offer this service at fixed cost - low barrier for entry for any provider!

Entities wishing to have more strategic, long term projects, or wanting to deploy MaaS solutions to their market, are a key speciality of ours. Each customer has their unique situation, so they deserve a unique solution - our 3-step approach for MaaS success is flexible and tailored to each case and together with the customer. We’ll agree on the scope of any project case by case.

MaaS Deployment

The three modules of MaaS deployment cater for initial fact-finding, ramping up an implementation & operations team (own or subcontracted), and follow-up to make sure the implementation is delivering its maximal value.

We are proud of our work with MaaS Global on the award-winning Whim service and happy to work with the industry to distribute the know-how gathered in the process of making Whim the tangible product that people rely on a daily basis to move around. Because of our unique relationship with the Whim team, we have been granted the use of logos from MaaS Global and Whim in the context of providing consultancy services to the industry.

The father of MaaS Sampo Hietanen’s endorsement of what we do:

I know we are often asked here and there if we could help a partner to get their heads around the MaaS concept and what to do about it. Now Sami [MaaS Solutions] can finally say yes, I can help you guys further. And it certainly can benefit all. We all wish Sami the best of luck and will be helping best we can!

Our Offering - Presentation

MaaS Solutions is a completely independent entity, so we can work with anyone and any company, and we do it flexibly, considering the actual needs of the customer. We won’t try to sell a one size fits all solution, or make the customer pay for our own product development. All IPR belongs to the customer and we make sure the customer succeeds in rolling out optimal services for their target audience. After all, the goal of MaaS Solutions is to help cities and organizations to meet their targets - such as sustainability, cost and perception - all at once.


After the MaaS deployment project with MaaS Solutions, customers have an operational team that own all of the core IP, have an understanding of the general MaaS best practices as well as of their unique market, and have the capability to continuously improve their service cost effectively.

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