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Project Update


Just a quick holiday update!


This year is totally crazy and we wish we had the chance to travel to some exotic location, but Finland is actually pretty nice during the summer as well. As travel is restricted, our projects have been running in remote mode. And we’re quite happy that the projects span a lot of different applications and industries.

These involve

  • Defining compute architectures for two pre-seed startups for their upcoming funding round
  • Working on a leading mobility platform & app (that is not Whim!) - possibly more about this later!
  • MaaS Industry Research with the wider MaaS specialist network. This was a fun project and be in touch if you’d like to have something like this done for your team!
  • Working on e-commerce project as an interim CTO

And in the summer time in Finland, we don’t really have palm trees but something better - cottages on the tens of thousands of lakes, and sprinkled around the largest archipelago in the world: