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Tailored Product Creation Leadership for Cities as well as Companies

MaaS Solutions is a boutique provider able to jump in at any of the stages of digital product development. With decades of experience in demanding software products, geospatial and multimedia, transport and cloud services, MaaS Solutions brings clarity throughout the process of taking new products and services to market. Our emphasis is in defining the what, and bringing that understanding into the development lifecycle with the how.

The software delivery team can be flexibly provided by the customer, with MaaS Solutions supporting the project with domain expertise, or MaaS Solutions can work via its network of partners to create full delivery teams working on the complete solution.

Cities and society


Cities are facing an unprecedented situation; decades of growth, urbanization, congestion, pollution - now turned upside down with the novel coronavirus. How will people take up public transit again?

The key is in providing people with choice and flexibility in the services they use - a service mesh of interconnected modes of transport, accessible in fully digital contactless fashion, with strong regulatory oversight making sure resources are utilized safely and effectively.

Access to services is sometimes technically impossible, sometimes easy. It’s crucial to understand the processes how access to services can be provided and think about work-arounds early on. That is one of the strengths of the team at MaaS Solutions. We can help in identifying the low hanging fruits, the longer term development areas and action the work that needs to get done for a complete end-to-end solution.

Software Product Definition And Delivery

Ramping up a new product team, recruiting the right specialists including the right mix of onsite and remote workforce, designing solutions to be robust, scaleable and cost efficient needs experienced leadership. But hiring an early CTO or Head of Product can be hit-or-miss - experienced professionals typically expect large salaries in addition to a major stake at a growth company, and few have experience in working with city transport with their unique responsibilities and considerations.

The PLaaS model provided by MaaS Solutions is a flexible and cost efficient way of getting experienced digital product leadership into your organization and is ideal for setting up new teams or changing the ways of working to be customer driven and delivery oriented.


Cloud Services

Cloud Architecture

MaaS Solutions is specialized on cloud-native architectures that are modern, operationally efficient and offer the highest level of scalability. We’ve held several public talks on the topic and have been featured by Amazon Web Services.

End-user Focus

Keys to successful digital product adoption are user experience and product fit. This applies to commercial as well as public entity-provided services - users will vote with their feet regardless of who the provider is.


For ensuring maximal benefits to users and citizens, it’s vital the products are designed not only to look great, but to fulfill the Jobs To Be Done the end user is needing to have a solution for.

Digital solution projects can be daunting. Without proper scoping and control, projects easily take a life of their own and produce less than optimal outcomes. MaaS Solutions has the track record of delivering projects that not only ship but also meet or exceed the expectations.

Technology Working in Tandem with Product


The most impactful design is one that the end user actually gets to experience in real life, in a tangible, delivered product that keeps getting better all the time. PLaaS combines team leadership with deep product as well as technical understanding, which makes operations more efficient, cost effective and in the end, results in a better product.

A typical scenario is when Design Thinking ideas need to be triaged. The earlier in the process of prioritizing ideas we get to evaluate feasibility, the quicker and cheaper the ideas can be taken to market. In delivery teams where Product is siloed, technical specialists often have ideas that are forgotten or not passed through to product planning, even though they would be highly impactful and easy to implement.

The PLaaS model tackles these issues by providing product leadership that has a deeply technical background and can be actively participating in the development on daily basis as Product Owner - hence improving the communication and building trust with the delivery team. 2-pizza delivery teams are empowered to create creative solutions that can be taken to market quickly. Top-down product planning ensures strategic focus, regulatory and business fit remain consistent across the delivery pipeline.

Certified Delivery Track Record


Whim app

The Whim app is the original and leading Mobility-as-a-Service subscription provider. MaaS Solutions’ founder built the service from inception to scale in the role of CTO - growing a whole new technical department from zero to over 70 people in the process.

Whim is a mobile-first native app for iOS and Android, powered by a novel cloud-native backend stack that runs on AWS and Serverless framework (Lambda), with a global infrastructure and data pipelines feeding Machine Learning algorithms. The Whim apps have won several awards for their design and experience, including the Red Dot and Good Design Awards 2018-2019.

But what’s really different about Whim is that it was designed to work with the mobility ecosystem from the ground up. Whim doesn’t provide any mobility on its own - it’s 100% dependent on partners. That means, that Whim was designed from the get go to integrate hundreds or thousands of external services and make them look like they all came from the same place. That is not an easy task, and requires a lot of product, design and development effort working in concert.

Whim for WeChat

While Whim had a state of the art recurring and single-payments infrastructure for the western world, initially it didn’t take into account the quantum leap that Chinese payments ecosystems have achieved in the recent years. The Chinese-speaking world leapfrogged from a cash-based society directly to mobile payments with Alipay and WeChat Pay - essentially skipping payment cards altogether.

To cater for Chinese tourists, this project implemented, in close collaboration with Tencent, Helsinki Regional Transport (HRT) and the City of Helsinki, a WeChat mini program that aggregates information about sites to visit with means of getting there with Whim, along with native support for WeChat Pay. This was a very demanding project requiring creative thinking of how to marry APIs and business agreements across continents and cultures for achieving seamless user experience - but the result speaks for itself.

Certified Partner of Whim and MaaS Global


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