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About MaaS Solutions

MaaS Solutions is a network of specialists with in-depth know-how of creating digital services ranging across variety of topics - all of which are necessary in building successful digital products and taking them to market. This is especially true with Mobility as a Service, which integrates services into a single view. MaaS Solutions network members are senior specialists with a track record of delivering - latest example of this is the Whim service by MaaS Global!


Sami Pippuri

Sami is a digital product leader, with over 15 years of experience in creating mobile services. After completing his Masters in software engineering, Sami has held product leadership positions at Sonera, Nokia, Microsoft, SSH as well as high-tech startups including MaaS Global. His products have won several awards, including 2 Webbys, a Red Dot Design award, Good Design Award.

Sami is keen on creating new things and making them approachable to consumers. This is especially true now in the transportation sector that is facing a change of the century with the advent of mobility service aggregation, machine learning-powered algorithms and automated cloud based services. It takes product leadership with technical capabilities to get things done.

As CTO of MaaS Global, Sami built the world’s first Mobility-as-a-Service operator, the Whim service, along with the technical platform, integrations, payments, and technical operations complete with the team, from scratch. With MaaS Solutions, this know-how is now available for companies worldwide.

Henri Korhola

Henri is an experienced software developer and data services consultant. Previously also the first Solution Architect at MaaS Global. His strengths are API and systems design, integrations, as well as project management which he practiced with 100+ partners including Tencent and Mitsui Fudosan while at MaaS Global.